It is surprising to see spelling and grammatical mistakes in nearly all websites on the net. Some of them are so horrible that they do not make any sense at all. For example one such website contained the following information at the end of their promotional text "Your welcome to contact us for an obligation free quote." This is just the tip of the proverbial iceberg. You should remember that text is as important as graphics, if not more. Therefore, you should always entrust the task of writing the content of your website to a reputable copywriter. The problem is that all content writers guarantee that they are experts in the field of writing content. It is not possible for businesspersons to check each page of content for their accuracy or its presentation.

Initial lines make the difference

Remember, you need to grab the attention of your clients with the first few lines of text on your site. How would you feel if the preliminary paragraph of your financial site has the following text "we ensure that you will not loose money with us by your side" Therefore, it is vital to check the copywriter portfolio thoroughly before entrusting the job to him. Ask him to show samples of his previous work along with the URL of the websites where they have been published. If necessary, request him to provide contact information about his previous clients, get in touch with them, and find out the kind of experience they had with him. You should also ensure whether the person involved met deadlines. Many leading copywriters have a copywriter portfolio that contains signed certificates from their clients claiming that they did their task quickly and to their satisfaction.

More information on copywriter portfolio

Jack of all trades

Never go for a copywriter who claims that he can write content on any topic, even if he has an impressive copywriter portfolio. Professional writers dedicate their time to research and learn details of a couple of subjects. Apart from this, they also keep on searching the net for updates about their topics for new information. This ensures that they are up to date with their niches and will always provide professional grade content. You should also check whether the individual has knowledge about the difference of American and British English. This is vital if you want content for a country specific website.

From the copywriter's point of view

If you are a copywriter and want to gain access to big clients, it is essential that you start creating a copywriter portfolio from the onset. Request your clients to write recommendation letters on their letterhead. Most clients will not mind providing you with these letters if you have provided excellent service to them. These letters have immense value and contribute to a large extent in building up a professional portfolio. It is one of the most invaluable tools as it helps you gain the confidence of a new client. You might have an excellent grasp over writing impeccable content, but possessing a praiseworthy copywriter portfolio ensures that the prospective client will prefer you over other applicants and hand over the content writing job to you.