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Advice for Bloggers: Write for the World

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In the new book, The Yahoo! Style Guide, bloggers are advised to “write for the world.” We’re reminded that the web is a worldwide medium and “site visitors probably come from more than one country and more than one culture. Collectively, they probably speak several languages.”

I review the analytics for this site on a regular basis and am often intrigued to see the far-reaching range that posts can have. This past month visits came from 47 countries/territories and 23 languages. (Drilling down a little further I could even see that one recent post was picked up and cited on a blog in Brazil and then viewed most heavily in Sao Paulo.)

So what’s a blogger to do?

• You can start by following five best practices from the style guide: 1) Keep the sentence structure simple, 2) Include “signposts”: words that help readers see how the parts of a sentence relate, 3) Eliminate ambiguity, 4) Avoid uncommon words and non-literal usages, and 5) Rewrite text that doesn’t translate literally.

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Mirror Mirror on the Wall: Boston Globe Will You Fall?

Every morning for the past 20 plus years, I’ve started my day with the Boston Globe. The Globe’s future is at stake at this very moment, with The New York Times Company in on-going negotiations.

The City of Boston is not alone in our worries about losing our daily newspaper.  Mary Ojala, Editor, of Online Magazine writes in the May/June 2009 issue, “…the picture has worsened in the past 2 months. Scripps Howard closed the Rocky Mountain News, Hearst transformed the Seattle Post-Intelligencer (Seattle PI) to a web-only publication, Gannett’s Detroit Free Press and MediaNews Group’s Detroit News both intend to print a home delivery paper only a few days a week, and Advance Publications, Inc. plans to shutter The Ann Arbor News, replaced it with a website.”

Ojala suggests we look on the bright side of life, and writes about the ways search engines change how news is found and displayed, and offers up an interesting list of ones to check out.

News Search Engines


As we await the outcome of the Boston Globe, I’ve been checking out the list of news search engines. Some are very good and believe me, I won’t have any problem using them–as an adjunct; but for the record, I’m not quite ready to say goodbye to our print paper.

What about you? How do you feel about the demise of the print paper? And, are there other news search engines you use which aren’t on this list?

Finding Social Content: A Good Way to Begin 2009

Monday mornings can often be challenging, especially when it’s the beginning of a full week back at work after a long holiday hiatus, not to mention, the first month of a new year.  Lee Odden’s post, 6 Social Search Engines to Start 2009, was exactly the jump-start I needed this morning.

Odden references Delver, WhosTalking?, Samepoint, Socialmention, Serph, and OneRiot for searching multiple sources of social content on the web.  The tools drill down, across, and over –and cover a lot of social content terrain.

Searches on these six tools are filled with rich discoveries.  If you’ve been limiting your searches to the likes of Google, Yahoo, MSN, Live, AOL…there’s never a better time then the present to broaden your horizons.