Pinterest: The Power of Images

Over the past few years, there have been a mind-boggling number of technology innovations. So many, that it has our heads spinning. As for social networks this past year, the launch of Google+ was big. But, by all reports, the next big thing is Pinterest. Pinterest has over 4 million registered users as of this week and is growing rapidly. 1.5 million of the predominately female audience visit Pinterest every day – spending 14 minutes on the site on average. reports “ is ranked #133 in the world according to the three-month Alexa traffic rankings… The site’s visitors view 10.7 unique pages each day on average.”

In our individual attempts to make sense of the vast sea of information that the internet gives us access to, we bookmark things in our browsers, we like things in Facebook, and now you can Pin things to boards in Pinterest. This is more than a personal organizing tool, it is a social tool, where you find friends and other people who like what you like. If you thought you had seen it all, trust me, you haven’t. Whatever your interest, it’s already pinned to a board somewhere on Pinterest, and easy to find with categories and search.  In fact, it’s fun and by many accounts, addictive. Once you’ve found pictures of your favorite place in the world, you want to keep looking.

For businesses who have visual products, whether it is fashion, art or power tools, Pinterest is a great tool for getting feedback from your audience on what they like. I created this board to collect my favorite Marketing Infographics. I search Pinterest to repin things to my board from other boards, and was notified immediately when someone liked my image.

We marketers know that there is plenty of content out there to curate and share with our audiences to engage them. Pinterest makes it visual. Business applications abound. For instance, interior design firms create thematic boards to show clients and get feedback.  A pet store might have a cute puppy contest where entrants post photos. The winner is the pinner who got the most repins. The examples are endless.

Businesses can create their own account and add the pin it icon to their website so visitors can pin images from your site that they like.  If you have a Facebook business strategy, this works well with it since Pinterest integrates with Facebook and has an iPhone app for pinning where ever you are. For SEO purposes, when a user pins one of your images to their board, it links back to you, adding to your inbound links and making your site more relevant.

We will be hearing more about how this tool will work for marketers. I encourage you to share your Pinterest strategy, and even better, share your Pinterest links. Weber Media has just started using the tool. Go find us at




8 thoughts on “Pinterest: The Power of Images”

  1. I’ve just recently joined pinterest and as a marketer I’m amazed at not only the growth but also the demo of the individuals participating. I think with a little imagination some businesses will do very well playing in this platform.

  2. Loving pinterest.

    I up-load once a week with all the photos I use in my various posts.

    It’s a great way to see what my cohorts find appealing in the realm of culture.

  3. Thanks so much for this post. I’ve been wondering what Pinterest is and why I keep hearing about it. It looks interesting, but I wonder with all these social media options if people are getting overloaded. Also curious to hear if you think about Google+ has a future. Pinterest is a unique idea that doesn’t seem to have a direct competitor. Google+ on the other hand has to face-off with Facebook.

  4. Pinterest has been emerged as an enormous image source. I must say, not only image source It’s an endless knowledge source too in terms of info-graphics and videos too.
    I have spent many hours on exploring pins on various categories such as educational, monuments, creative things, entertainment and many other misc categories.
    I found it quite an effective way to share and understand various things through images and video rich info-graphics on Pinterest.
    I have also pinned many images related to online education at:

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