Content for People, Not Robots (well, mostly)

Search Engine RobotDianna Huff, DH Communications, presented content marketing at the SEMNE meeting on Wednesday. Her presentation focused on why SEO firms should think like marketers and helping clients create content. See her presentation here.

I was excited to hear another marketing consultant expound on this important issue. The challenge for any business, large or small, with making social media succcessful and keeping it on track is to have a content strategy and have a regular stream of valuable content that speaks to your audience. Some SEO practitioners may be optimizing content, but not actually helping them produce it, when of course, SEO is not just about optimized content, but the continued publishing of optimized content that will actually be useful to your audience. It’s not just about the robots that index your website, it’s about the actual PEOPLE who read it!

We at Weber Media Partners recognized this as the main challenge for SMBs to contend with when they consider doing a social media work- from blogs to twitter to Facebook, if you want to stay in front of you customer, don’t annoy them and don’t be invisible- be helpful and interesting. Companies have the same issues when launching SEO and PPC campaigns.  So, having said this, Dianna gave some great tips, which I agree whole heartedly with:

  • Act like a reporter, and investigate your client’s company, products and services
  • Immerse yourself in your client’s industry by reading key industry blogs, forums and twitter feeds
  • Monitor what is getting published on the internet about your client, their competitors and key words that describe their product using Google alerts or a monitoring tool such as Jive, Radian6 or dozens of other free and fee-based tools (we use Jive)
  • Consider ebooks, how-to guides, video, surveys, podcasts, and presentations
  • Produce a list of FAQs with all of the questions the company gets asked every day via phone and email to speed up the sales cycle and help clients make a decision
  • Develop and publish a comparison chart between your clients products and their competitors

The list is endless what kind of content you create, but it must be valuable and helpful to the audience, not just stuffed with keywords to get positioning. It must serve the purpose of serving the customer. Clients hire SEO consultants to help them get found by their audience. Being found is only the first step. Once they arrive, engaging them is the key.

Next month, I will be speaking at the SEMNE meeting in Rocky Hill, Connecticut. The topic: Reaping the benefits of a combined SEO and social media strategy. Stay tuned for more.

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