Integrating Social Media into Your Marketing Mix

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Marketing Sherpa reports in their recent chart, Social Marketers Preparing for the Challenges Ahead, that key performance indicators such as ROI and conversions have become increasingly more important challenges for marketers.

Sergio Balegno, Marketing Sherpa Research Director, writes, “Two years ago, a popular marketing myth was that ROI for social media programs could not be easily measured. Marketers have dispelled this myth…the return on social marketing invest is exceptionally high.”

He further suggests that marketers are learning that social media programs are more effective when they are strategically integrated into the marketing mix versus approaching them as standalone tactics.

Let’s face it anyone can create a Facebook and Twitter page, and in fact, more and more businesses have jumped on the bandwagon in recent months. But what some have failed to recognize is that not only do those pages need to be maintained with relevant, worthwhile content and reflect well on the company but more importantly they need to engage fans and followers and provide what I like to think of as a curiosity factor—who you are and what you’re doing.

If our curiosity isn’t peaked, and if we aren’t asked to identify our needs and how a business can fulfill them, then social media won’t be operating at full capacity. As we know once we make that click onto a website we don’t want to have to do guesswork. We want to know what we can about a business, how long they’ve been operating, what their key attributes are, who we can expect to hear from when we make an inquiry and ultimately who we will be working with.  Impressions are made as soon as we make that first click.

Use them well.

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