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Top 10 Reasons Why I Don’t Like Top 10 Lists

It all started in the 1960′s with Dick Clark and American Bandstand. Every Saturday morning, he would count down the top 10 songs of the week. Then in 1985, Late Night with David Letterman started making fun of People Magazine’s top 10 lists. I have always enjoyed both because they were relevant and, in the case of Letterman, funny.

Top Ten Lists on TwitterList content was created to be easily digested and everyone wanted to know what the top song was, or the the top thing that “almost rhymes with peas”, in the case of Late Night. There was a time when these lists got your attention and maybe they still do, but I have recently come across so many that I have soured. Are you itching to know what my #1 reason I don’t like Top Ten Lists?

I don’t have 10, only 3. Read On.

Drum roll, please. The top 3 reasons I have soured on 10 lists:

#3 10 is too many. Who has that kind of attention span anymore?

#2 The entertainment value of lists has gone way down. I will take quality entertainment over quantity any day of the week.

And the #1 Reason I have soured on Top 10 lists is…

#1 Overuse. When a marketing device becomes so common that it makes a marketer cringe, well then, it’s time for something else.

See today’s recent tweets at the right for some examples. You get what I mean, right?

Awkward Silence: Recovering From a Social Media Content Lull

Okay, so it happened. Our blog has been silent for six-months, and despite what we tell our clients about planning and teamwork and the importance of keeping momentum, we blew it. It took a potential client who decided not to talk to us because our social media had “flat-lined” to be hit over the head with it.

If a social media marketing firm can’t keep it going, then who can?  Our reasons (excuses) are the same you might have- lack of resources, clients come first, and always a lack of time. We have no shortage of ideas, and we have always had a sustainable content strategy, but we lost our way.

When we started this blog in 2008, we posted twice/week, then went down to once/week, and finally, maybe more like once/month. I assigned writers from the internal team, I found guest bloggers occasionally, but in the end, it fell to me, the face and voice of the company, to get it done. Today, when I heard that the prospect passed on us, I was truly humbled. Our ability to keep their content going for the long-term is brought into question.  I could only agree with their decision to pass.

Now that I have confessed,  what can I do about it? How can we redeem ourselves and build trust for new clients to see? The only way I know how: own it and make good on it.

So, as I drove back to the office to write this post, I decided to use this learning experience for a series of posts that help marketing professionals keep on track.

I plan to address the following:

  • How can I make sure this doesn’t happen again?
  • What have other companies done and have they regained their position?
  • What are realistic goals for small shops?
  • Why you MUST get back on the horse.

If you have a story to share, contact me. I’d love to hear it.

Now, finally, I am going to push the publish button and finally get back on the horse.

Is Your Blog in Need of a Tune-up?

mechanic working on carLast week I addressed the topic of measuring the impact of social media programs and talked about the significant value that is placed on the metric of “participation and engagement.”   I wholeheartedly agree that this attribute is a critical objective in implementing social media tools such as a blog, but what do you do if your blog is not engaging visitors?  What can you do to encourage your audience -  a.k.a., customers and potential customers - to participate in your conversation?

In a MarketingProfs article entitled, ”Eight Ideas for Revitalizing Your Blog” social media consultant, Mack Collier, provided some excellent tips for jumpstarting your blog.

  1. Examine your blog’s content – tailor the content so the visitor benefits
  2. Interact with readers – reply to comments and read the blogs of people who comment
  3. Post regularly – set up a posting schedule that considers your reader’s habits
  4. Add visuals to your post that capture reader attention
  5. Add links to your posts to help your reader find helpful and relevant information
  6. Examine why you are blogging – a primary motivation should be to better understand your customers
  7. Shift your mindset – the blog should be a communication tool not a promotional device
  8. Position your blog from your customers’ point of view – not yours

As marketers, we’ve grown accustomed to reminding ourselves to “think like the customer” when strategizing and executing marketing campaigns.   And, a social media tool like the blog should be treated in the same light…be sure to think like the reader!  This means shaping the tone, content and timing of your blog posts to appeal to the reader.