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I started this blog to open a conversation about the exciting opportunities and challenges of social media and conversational marketing. I’m committed to keeping up with discussions on the blogosphere and recommending posts I think my readers will be interested in.

Weber Media Partners can be found on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, del.icio.us, & LinkedIn.  Visit our online bookstore to purchase social media marketing and business books mentioned on this blog.*

Weber Media Partners is a strategic marketing and interactive firm just West of Boston. I welcome you and encourage you to join the conversation!

About the Author:
Catherine Weber

Catherine Weber

I am a Social Media Strategist and founder of Weber Media Partners, with more than 20 years of digital marketing expertise with business, government and non-profit organizations. I delivers strategic insight, planning and implementation of digital marketing and social media programs to help my clients achieve their business goals.

Before founding Weber Media Partners, I held the positions of public relations director, marketing director and senior web strategist for organizations in cultural, telecommunications, research and consulting industries. I holds a Bachelors degree in Communications from Emerson College and an MA in Education from UMass Boston’s Critical and Creative Thinking Program. Follow me on Twitter, Linkedin and Facebook.

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Conversational Marketing in the Age of Social Media