It’s No Secret Why Blogs Fail

This week I’ve had some interesting conversations with clients about their social media strategy.

During a discussion on  blogging, one of our clients pointed out that everything they see on blogs is BORING, longwinded, and is more like stream of consciousness thoughts vs. useful information.

If you Google “Why Blogs Fail”, you will get more than 89 million links to articles, many of them blog posts to this very topic.  The reason blogs fail is not a secret, and some statistics claim  that 95% of them do.

  • Blogs fail because the organization has not made a real commitment to resources
  • Blogs fail because there is no clear content strategy
  • Blogs fail because the author doesn’t know if anyone is listening

What is considered blog success?
If your blog

  • contributes something of value and demonstrates your expertise regularly (at least once per week)
  • set you apart from your competition
  • has visitors who read your content (how many depends on what share of the audience you want)
  • gets comments and starts conversations

you can feel pretty good that your blog is going in the right direction.

That is why we always help our clients create a blog strategy first that clearly articulates:

  1. the objectives for the blog
  2. who the audience is and what content do they care about
  3. who is going to manage, write and moderate
  4. an editorial calendar for 6 months to a year
  5. where story ideas will come from
  6. set up a process for moderation and approvals
  7. set up analytics to track traffic

While corporations make a financial commitment to many types of marketing programs, blogging isn’t often give the same respect. I suspect this is mainly because we need to demonstrate measurable value on par with other programs.

Positioning Blog Value

Blogs demonstrate your thought leadership and increase traffic from organic search. Traffic from organic search can be transformed into qualified leads with the right offers and landing pages.  If you are struggling to get management support and budget to start and maintain a blog, it may be wise to bundle it with other, more conventional lead generation and SEO programs which are more widely understood and supported.

So, rather than think of white papers to present thought leadership and case study PDFs,  think blogs, videos and ebooks.  More on video and ebooks soon.

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