Tips for Engaging Your Social Network Followers

J.J. McCorvey writes in “How to Use Social Networking Sites to Drive Business,” Inc. Magazine January 25, 2010 issue, “Marketing through social networks isn’t as much about selling your product, as it is about engaging your followers.”

How do you know if you’re engaging your social network fans and followers? The facts. Nothing but the facts!

When it comes to Facebook for example, you can use the Insights tool to analyze your page views, the demographics of your fans, and the number of people who view (or stop viewing) your News Feed posts. If you’re considering ads on Facebook you can more effectively target your demographics.

This past week there’s been considerable interest in Facebook’s new Post Insights product which lets page administrators find out how many impressions each story on their Page receives and what percentage of those impressions result in action (likes, comments or clicks). But unless you have a page with more than 10K fans you won’t be able to see information broken down by posts. While small businesses might lament that this feature isn’t available to them it shouldn’t be too much cause for distraction. Work with what you know.

Julie Waite’s recent post, “Growing Your List Via Social Media & Blogs” makes a case for expanding your reach with your existing Facebook fans, Twitter followers and Blog commenters who are already connecting with your company and brand. Instead of treating each of these as fragmented groups why not use a more integrated approach and work on a communications strategy which includes all of these messages?

Are your twitter followers fans of your Facebook page? Are they reading your blog? Do they know you have an email newsletter? While social networks aren’t about selling your product but about engaging your followers, it’s largely up to you to make them aware of what you’re communicating by tying the presences together and avoiding social media disconnects. A new addition worth checking out is the NutshellMail Facebook application which lets fans opt-in to receive emails that highlight recent content from your page.

Addendum: Oh, and in case you were wondering, Weber Media Partners does have presences on Twitter, Facebook as well as a thought-provoking quarterly email newsletter which you can also sign-up to be on our mailing list—so be sure to follow, fan, and sign-up.

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