Q & A with Steve Garfield, Author of Get Seen: Online Video Secrets to Building Your Business

If you’ve thought that having a working knowledge of YouTube covered your video bases, you’ll be in for a wonderful treat by reading Steve Garfield’s new book, Get Seen: Online Video Secrets to Building Your Business—which lets you in on some of the best kept secrets out there.

I was completely engrossed in Steve’s book which I read in one day, only stopping to try out many of the things he references. Within a short period of time,  I found myself streaming video from my iPhone on qik, creating blog posts on posterous, developing unique videos on animoto, researching mics for iPhones, checking-out vimeo, blip.tv, how to create a playlist of our videos on youtube, making a screencast on jing.

By half-way through the book I was convinced how no social media marketing campaign will be complete without video.

While high-end video cameras and experienced videographers are certainly one way to go, Steve demonstrates how by having an interest in shooting video and a wide range of tools to choose from, video is within every business’ reach regardless of your budget. Above all, Steve demonstrates how interest and passion will be your ticket.

Steve is right here to tell you about his book himself (in his video, of course!) And after viewing, keep reading our exclusive interview.

DH: In your book, Get Seen, you wrote “Video is just one part of a marketing plan. It fits certain messages and people better than others.”

What messages do you think video serves better than the written word?

SG: Video is better than a bunch of words on a web page. People come to a company’s website to get to know what the people are like in the company. They could all write blog posts, and visitors could read those posts, but you could interview them and visitors can see what they’re like through the intimacy of video.

You might also want to give visitors an inside look at the kind of work the company does.  Video would be a perfect solution for that.

DH: Do you think videos work better for any specific types/sizes (small, medium large) of businesses or industries?

SG: I think video works well for all types of businesses although I think that larger businesses might be more reluctant than smaller businesses to use video in their marketing. I might give the advantage to small businesses who take advantage of using video.

DH: What does citizen-journalism mean to you?

SG: I’m not actually using the term citizen journalism anymore. I’ve defaulted to calling it citizen reporting. Citizen journalism implies that you have journalistic training or you apply a certain set of rules to your reporting.  Citizen reporting is more broad and it’s just people formerly known as the audience capturing and sharing stories

DH: In the interviews you conducted for your book you asked what advice would you give to a business getting started in online video.

What are three key pieces of advice you would give to a business getting started in online video?

SG: Three key pieces of advice, first, find someone in the organization who is a natural born video blogger. You found the bloggers who enjoyed writing, find someone who enjoys being on video.  Second, get good audio. The key to successful video is good audio. Third, share freely, widely distributing your video and provide a link back to your company’s website.

DH: Since you launched your video blog in 2004 there have been many changes to the world of online video. Where do you see the world of online video going in the next 3-5 years?

SG: New technologies are coming out. I saw one very recently from a company called VisibleGains, and what they have is something called a video application. It’s more than just watching the video. It’s an interactive video where, while watching the video, you can direct where it goes, kind of like an adventure game. It can also collects viewer supplied data. Very powerful.  On the backend, it easy for marketers to put together a video timeline from a library of videos, add text and questions, and push that video live without having to rely on a video editor. The power to create is just going to get easier and easier.

I’m happy about that!

Thank you, Steve. Best of luck with your book. Looking forward to learning more from you on your video blog and across the web.

* DISCLOSURE OF MATERIAL CONNECTION Special thanks to John Wiley & Sons for providing a review copy of Get Seen: Online Video Secrets to Building Your Business for this blog post.

2 thoughts on “Q & A with Steve Garfield, Author of Get Seen: Online Video Secrets to Building Your Business”

  1. We’re thrilled to have been mentioned in this Q&A with Steve Garfield about the future of video being what we call “Video Apps”. Steve’s new book, “Get Seen” is an incredible resource for any company looking to leverage the power of video to market and sell their products. I highly recommend it!

    Matt Kaplan
    VP Marketing and Chief Strategy Officer, VisibleGains

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