The Adrenaline Flow of Social Media Marketing

I subscribe to a wonderful magazine The Writer, which always publishes interesting articles about various topics related to writing. One of the perks of the magazine for me is when there’s an article by journalist, Kay B. Day.  Kay writes a column, Web Savvy, which focuses on writing for the Web, including news of internet trends, developments and technology.

In her recent column, Kay writes about covering events live at your web site.  As she says, “…most days, technology is a blessing and the latest plus is being able to cover a event live from your web site or blog.”  Her column focuses on two tools, Cover it Live which lets you embed a live coverage tool in your blog, and Widget Box which enables people to find, make and distribute web widgets for blogging, social networking services, and personal websites.

At one time Kay worked with wire copy for United Press International.  She describes her experiences using these tools, as feeling reminiscent of the way she used to feel when she covered UPI news stories.

“Covering events live really draws visitors—it’s all about the immediacy. There’s no doubt this is a technology blessing for sure, especially for bloggers who are trying to build a platform and who are eager to use the latest tools to do so…the process is just plain fun.”

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been very excited to be working with video for our youtube channel, and audio from some recent events we’ve been at.  Reading this article today really drives home the point for me that you can’t get too comfortable in the social media marketing world.  As soon as you think you have a handle on it, there’s always something else just waiting for you around the corner–vying for your attention.

I need to carve out some time, to go exploring. But that’s okay, because for me, it’s the media adrenaline flow.  In case I haven’t told you lately–I love it.

photo credit: flickr, jasontheaker
(what an amazing photo!)

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