Finding Social Content: A Good Way to Begin 2009

Monday mornings can often be challenging, especially when it’s the beginning of a full week back at work after a long holiday hiatus, not to mention, the first month of a new year.  Lee Odden’s post, 6 Social Search Engines to Start 2009, was exactly the jump-start I needed this morning.

Odden references Delver, WhosTalking?, Samepoint, Socialmention, Serph, and OneRiot for searching multiple sources of social content on the web.  The tools drill down, across, and over –and cover a lot of social content terrain.

Searches on these six tools are filled with rich discoveries.  If you’ve been limiting your searches to the likes of Google, Yahoo, MSN, Live, AOL…there’s never a better time then the present to broaden your horizons.

2 thoughts on “Finding Social Content: A Good Way to Begin 2009”

  1. Debbie,
    Thanks for including a nod to Social Mention is your post. We are happy to have been a part of your Monday morning.

    We agree with you that Google, Yahoo, MSN are really only the beginning of a search – not the end.


  2. Hey – Thanks for this… I have been using Google for searches of this sort, and of course, have been coming up with nothing.

    And an appropriate find for me on Monday morning.

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